Pre-Ceremony Events

Planning a ceremony often includes several pre-ceremony events. Engagement parties, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners are all standard happenings around today’s weddings, while wakes and memorials surround end-of-life ceremonies. Lisa offers unique, custom alternatives to these, with a ceremonial flavour. 

FEMININE PRESENCE (Stagette alternative) – $500

Lisa has received training in “The Art Of Feminine Presence.” This can be a very fun night with your Maid of Honour and Brides maids as you move from “thinking” about your feminine to “embodying” your feminine, availing a deeper connection to your power and presence as a woman. To book an evening with your ladies, contact Lisa Marie directly.


ENGAGEMENT RING WARMING – BRIDE (Engagement party alternative) – $300

Add a spark of ceremony to the usual engagement celebration by…

  • Looking at the traditions of the “Bride” honouring, empowering and Authorizing your own Bridal story.
  • Bridal Blessing, or ring warming from Girlfriends, Sisters, Mothers and Aunties.

Contact Lisa to learn more.

ENGAGEMENT RING WARMING – BRIDE & GROOM (Engagement party alternative) – $300

Add a spark of ceremony to the usual engagement celebration by…

  • Looking at the traditions of the “Bride & Groom” honouring, empowering and Authorizing your own marriage story.
  • Marriage Blessing, or ring warming with family and friends, Sisters and brothers.

Contact Lisa to learn more.

LETTING-GO RITUAL (preparation for any ceremony through creative action) – $300

Even when we are stepping into an exciting new chapter of our life we are concurrently leaving a chapter of our life. This transition can be easier when we acknowledge this and mark it in a meaningful way.

A letting go ritual is a simple preparation for ceremony that uses physical action to symbolize the process or releasing the past. Lisa designs a ritual with you personally, and facilitates the event, prior to your ceremony date.

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Two 60 Minute Massages for $180
Two 90 Minute Massages for $200

Lisa is a skilled massage therapist who specializes in deep relaxation massage. This is a perfect antidote for pre ceremony stress that may come with all there is to attend to when planning your wedding. Lisa offers a special Bride/Groom price when purchased before your wedding ceremony date. Contact Lisa to learn more.


It can be easy to get swept away in the world of weddings and important to stay connected to what holds meaning for you. Remember why you are choosing this step and the authenticity you want to bring to it.

Pre-wedding coaching will help you create a strong marriage commitment that feels clear and confident, and supports lasting and evolving love. Lisa will help you set some paths of resolution to guide you through common challenges of marriage. This can include clarifying expectations; addressing fears about marriage, aligning positions about money, children, family and community; how to avoid lingering resentment during conflict; skills for resolving conflict; how to enjoy and appreciate each other in your shared life; how to cultivate wholeness and sharing in healthy ways.

Contact Lisa to learn more.

SILENT PRE-CEREMONY through movement, music and sound – $300

A ritual designed to tap into the un-worded aspects of your upcoming ceremony:

Through movement Lisa leads you deeper into the wisdom of your body that holds its own unique intelligence This is for people who feel a need to express something and may not even know what it is.

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