Preparing for Ceremony

Marking life’s passages with ceremony is a powerful way to deepen our presence during our most important moments. Without our full, relaxed presence, these pivotal events can be stressful or even difficult. Preparing for ceremony is an important step in being psychologically ready for a satisfying, meaningful experience. Lisa’s top suggestions for getting the most out of your event are: 

  • Two full minutes of deep breathing for key participants before the ceremony begins.
  • Writing down personal intentions for the ceremony in the week leading up to the event.
  • Addressing any fears about the ceremony with a close friend or counsellor
  • Getting a relaxing massage in the weeks leading up to the ceremony (“See Lisa’s Bride/Groom massage package”)
  • Gathering close friends and family to celebrate and initiate transition through an engagement party or bridal shower (“See Lisa’s suggestions for unique alternatives”)
  • Lisa’s group-sync prayer/ meditation circle 15 minutes before the ceremony, for key participants (some physical movement, breathing and uniting of intentions)