Matters of the Heart

I have the great privilege as a Wedding Celebrant to have a window, for a brief moment, into the lives of two people during one of their major thresholds in life. One of my greatest honours is to read their personal writing from the questionnaire that I ask them to fill in for me. Some people say […]

What I Have Learned As A Wedding Celebrant

I have been working as a life cycle celebrant for two years now. I have had the privilege of officiating many weddings, three memorial services and other threshold crossings, such as leaving ones home  and releasing relationships. The more I give myself to this work the more it gives to me. I am humbled and […]

How I came to Celebrate Life Officially

In truth I have always been a bit of a ceremonialist, we have all had birthdays, gone to weddings or funerals, now more commonly called “celebrations of life.” In my own life I had a commitment ceremony with my partner who then became my husband through the formal ritual of marriage. We then did a […]